Digitizing the Seaweed Industry

Our Mission

Unlock the full potential of the industry with a digital ecosystem and tools to
empower seaweed farmers and stakeholders for production and value chain enhancement.

Several studies have shown that the future of the Tanzanian seaweed industry is at a stake

Declining productivity, a lack of correct agronomic practices and no coordination tool for farmers

No reliable data available, no platform for local and international stakeholders and no traceability whatsoever

No access to capital for farmers or chance to capitalize on fulfilling climate and biodiversity goals

Oligopoly exporters control the market, which results in low sales prices for farmers

A tool is needed to collect data, enhance productivity and connect supply chains

So what is the right approach?

Seaweedmanager's 3 vector approach

  • Information #Data
  • Production #ERP
  • Prices #Marketplace
  • Impact & Outlook

    Our impact

    SeaweedManager is built on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring equitable development that benefits both society and the environment. Our approach tackles industry weaknesses to enable poverty alleviation, enhances market stability, and drives income diversification in coastal communities. With our expertise, we can create new job opportunities, promote education and skill development, and protect marine ecosystems.

    We are in the final R&D stage before implementation trails and the final roll out

    Whats in the line?

    Building the prototype and evaluating the right partners

  • Commercial partners
  • Local implementation partners
  • Political support
  • Funding
  • Expansion strategy
  • Team

    Seaweedmanager consist of a divers team of experts from different disciplines. Passionate about seaweed, and implementing a solution which is creating great value.

    David Alexander Runge

    ​Business Administration & Operations
    David is the seaweed coalition ambassador for Tanzania and an entrepreneur who is eager to implement business models which create great value. For investors, the environment and society.

    Patryk Guenther

    IT & Software Development
    Over 7 years of experience in IT, mostly as data analyst. Passionate about using technology as means to positively impacting the world.

    Olaoluwa Olowu

    Marketing & Communications
    Growth marketing strategist and founder of EnnardTraveller a travel business that helps Africans travel more and foster business relations within Africa

    Steven Hermans

    Strategic Advisor
    Founder of Phyconomy; a data-driven platform to help fill the information gap in the seaweed industry.

    Mondy Mohando

    Community Manager
    A Marine Scientist and Aquaculture practitioner with six years of experience working alongside the teams of scientist across government and non-governmental organizations